ImPACT Baseline/Post-Concussion Testing

What is an ImPACT Test?

An ImPACT test is designed to measure one’s neurocognitive capabilities. This test typically takes about 20-45 minutes.

Why Take A Baseline Test?

Baseline testing is the ideal way to measure the impact of any future head injury, this information is critical to the treatment.

If you are an athlete, of any age, baseline testing should be completed prior to an athletic season, including practices. 

If I Get a Concussion, How Will A Baseline Test Help?

Differences in scores give our clinicians insight into the specific deficits an individual may be experiencing after a concussion and helps to create a tailored treatment plan specific to your needs. 

Do I Need A Baseline Test to do A Post-Concussion Test?

No! While it is better to compare your post-concussion scores with those attained pre concussion, the scores alone will still be able to show the areas of cognitive deficit!

By knowing these deficits, they allow us to make concussion treatment decisions, and determine return to activity/work readiness. 

How Do I Book A Test?

To book a baseline test, please contact us with the information below and we can assist you from there