Concussion Care Kelowna

Compassionate Concussion Care for Physical, Emotional and Psychological recovery


Scientific Research

All of our approaches are from the most current scientific research from worldwide organizations to the most uprising discoveries.

Client Centered Care

Concussions affect not only the person who has had the concussion, but also their caretakers, family members, their coaches, teammates, and more. Our diverse team offers support and education in many areas to help all affected individuals.

Making a Difference

Our passion is everything to do with concussions. We want to prevent those who are at risk and heal those who have been affected.


We value and seek out partnerships to achieve our mission and vision as we support our clients. Concussion Care Kelowna strives to provide objective, unbiased, sleep care, assessment, and concussion treatment through education, innovation, teaching, and learning.


Concussion Care Kelowna strives to positively impact patients’ lives. We are responsible for the commitments we make to our colleagues, patients, healthcare partners, and the communities we serve.


We embrace the strengths in our differences, uniqueness, and value every perspective. This enables Concussion Care Kelowna to be a leader in providing concussion and sleep care in Kelowna and the Okanagan Region.