Concussion Care Kelowna
Concussion Care Kelowna
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Why Concussion Care Kelowna?
Sleep Doctor

Concussions often significantly affect our sleep and we have a strong background in helping people sleep. Dr. Lai and the Tranq Sleep Center have studied sleep for 15+ years and this experience and knowledge can help people who have had concussions to accelerate their healing by helping them get the rest and education they need.

Passionate Practitioners

All of our staff members and practitioners have a personal connection to concussions and brain injuries and are driven to learn and support others with compassion.

Only Clinic Providing Neurocognitive Rehabilitation in Okanagan

We are the only clinic providing neurocognitive rehabilitation in the Okanagan Valley encompassing concussion prevention, diagnosis, and recovery, in one place.

Combination of Neurocognitive & Physical Rehabilitation

Unlike typical concussion treatment, our unique team combines neurocognitive therapy, physical rehabilitation, and mental health support together to facilitate the best recovery experience possible.

15 %
Concussions Go Undiagnosed
+ -900 Mil
Concussions in CAN & US per year
0 %
Patients Have Persistent Symptoms
Concussion Care Kelowna

Positively transforming concussed individuals’ lives to embody what they didn’t know was possible.

Scientific Research

All of our approaches are from the most current scientific research from worldwide organizations to the most uprising discoveries.

Client Centered Care

Concussions affect not only the person who has had the concussion, but also their caretakers, family members, their coaches, teammates, and more. Our diverse team offers support and education in many areas to help all affected individuals.

Making a Difference

Our passion is everything to do with concussions. We want to prevent those who are at risk and heal those who have been affected.

A concussion is a form of mild traumatic brain injury induced by biomechanics forces like an impact to the head, neck or body resulting in the rotational acceleration of the brain within the skull

Services We Provide

From prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation, Concussion Care Kelowna provides a vast range of professional techniques for the most successful completion of recovery.

Please note we are a private clinic but don’t require a referral for Concussion Rehabilitation therapy. 

Referrals are only accepted if sent by a family physician or specialist. Initial consultations directed to our specialist physicians are covered by BC Medical. 

Sleep Intervention

One of the main symptoms people experience post-concussion is inadequate sleep patterns. Sleep is the critical time when the brain can recover from injury, and we support our patients with the use of evidence-based treatment plans to help them improve their sleep.

Neurology Assessment

We provide comprehensive neurological assessments following concussion or mild traumatic brain injury which helps us to determine the impact of the injury on cognition, mental health, and sleep. These neurology assessments provide significant support for patients suffering from complex concussion injuries

Vestibular Ocular Assessment & Rehabilitation

The investigation of eye performance and inner ear function assists with understanding the symptoms of concussions and informs our treatment plan. Injuries to these areas typically impact balance and reduce a patient’s ability to read, drive, and navigate busy public environments.

Cardiovascular Testing & Rehabilitation

Threshold testing can be performed to determine exercise limitations and will provide a starting point for increasing activity tolerance. This will enable our patients to return to higher intensity activity and promote a faster overall recovery and alleviation of symptoms.

Clinical Counselling

Mental health is affected directly and indirectly when a concussion occurs. Difficulty organizing thoughts, finding mental stability, and maintaining motivation are just some cognitive difficulties that are common in people who have had concussions.

Balance & Gait Assessment & Rehabilitation

Balance assessment will provide necessary information in the creation of a treatment plan. Ultimately the goal is to ensure a safe return to household and sports. Fall prevention and reduction reduces the possibility of future concussions while improving a patient’s quality of life.

The brain may be injured in a specific location or the injury may be diffused to many different parts of the brain. It is this indefinite nature of brain injury that makes treatment unique for each individual patient...


Using expertise in the study of human movement, Kinesiologists can provide a program which uses exercise to support physical development and strength development, whether that’s high performance, rehabilitation, or general fitness.

Clinical Counselling

Depression and anxiety are common occurrences after a concussion or traumatic brain injury. These symptoms can affect general wellness, daily activities of living, and relationships with others. Occasionally, a brain injury may result in lasting changes to personality, perceived abilities, relationships, and how information is processed by the individual, which includes including impulse control. It is recommended that significant mental health concerns be directed to one’s physician and be diagnosed by a doctor/psychiatrist.


Neurologists can diagnose and treat neurological disorders which may be present following a concussion. The neurologist would assess the effects of injury on the brain, spine, or nerves and evaluate a patient’s mental status, speech, reflexes, motor functioning, balance, and other cranial nerve functions.


Physiotherapy utilizes a comprehensive orthopaedic and functional assessment identifying limitations that contribute to post concussion symptoms. After a thorough assessment, a customized treatment consisting of manual therapy, exercise rehabilitation, and other modalities will be created to address the injury.

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It was a huge help to meet with Concussion Care Kelowna because all the tentative fragility I felt in association with my head injury dissipated after my visit and i was able to structure my activities with more agency and confidence, Because of this, I improved markedly post-visit. having an expert weigh in on something as frightening as “my brain” assisted me in measuring physiological realities and progress.
Denise K.
Concussion Care Kelowna has very understanding and empathetic staff and professionals. I have had a positive experience each time I have gone in. They were able to explain my injury and put some of my worries at ease. I would highly recommend this clinic.
Liam F.
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