Michelle Tucsok

Clinical Counsellor

Raised in the Okanagan, Michelle graduated from the University of British Columbia Okanagan, where she obtained a Master of Clinical Social Work (MSW), and Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Sociology). During her academic career, Michelle was involved in a research project that explored how athlete families navigate the challenges posed by traumatic brain injuries (TBI). This research allowed her to gain extensive knowledge of the physical, psychological, and social impacts of brain injuries, including its impact on one’s social relationships, mental health, and sense of self. This unique perspective allows Michelle to provide holistic and comprehensive support to individuals in their concussion recovery journey, addressing feelings of frustration, anger, grief, loss, shame, and worry.

Michelle’s practice incorporates trauma-informed, anti-oppressive, and strength-based perspectives, all of which form the foundation of her approach. Emphasizing the importance of psychoeducation and emotional support, she diligently accompanies clients as they explore their coping skills, goals, identity, and values. Through this collaborative process, her goal is to empower individuals to foster a meaningful and purpose-driven life amidst the unique challenges posed by concussions.

Outside of the clinic, Michelle’s life revolves around physical activity, music, and spending quality time with the people she loves. She enjoys weight lifting, outdoor sports like running, hiking, and snowboarding, writing and performing music, spending time with friends, and cuddling with her cat, Oscar. She also loves reading and learning new ways to improve her practice.