Dan Smith

Associate Counsellor

Whether you’ve just had a significant life event and you need support to get through it, you’re having unkind thoughts about yourself or others and what to work through them, or you are just generally feeling unwell and want to regain balance, using therapy allows someone to walk with you on that journey. You may have days where you feel low, nervous, unmotivated, or lost. Those can get in the way of your enjoyment, your relationships, or you just being at your best.

I specialize in working with folks who are in crisis, are grieving, managing traumatic experiences (new or historical), and youth/young adults. However, I have also done significant work with individuals working through anxiety, 2SLGBTQ+ issues, gender issues, and mood disorders, among a variety of other needs.
My goal is for you to feel well and balanced. Seeking therapy is a valuable step in that process, but I know it can be a tough one. Working with me, you’ll have someone who respects the effort you’ve made so far and is invested in your journey ahead. Together, let’s work towards the wellness and balance that help you reconnect with your life.