Aldovino Rapini

Kinesiologist, BHK, BCAK, CATT

Born and raised in Calgary AB, Aldovino (or Aldo for short) is a graduate from the University of British Columbia Okanagan’s Kinesiology/Human Kinetics Bachelor program (Clinical branch) where he completed an undergraduate Honours thesis on the effects of oral ketone supplements on TNF-Alpha on people living with Type two diabetes.

Aldo has always had a passion for fitness and has participated in a variety of sports throughout his life such as Hockey, Wrestling, Boxing and Muay Thai. Aldo’s participation in these sports and his experience as a student athletic trainer for Rugby teams in both high school and university has given him first hand experience with concussions, concussion recognition and concussion care prior to him joining us at Concussion Care Kelowna.

Experienced in creating/executing workout routines and Athletic Training focusing on fitness and rehabilitation. Aldo has developed a deeper understanding of treatment techniques, processes and equipment thanks to his schooling and previous experiences as a physiotherapist assistant.

In his spare time, Aldo enjoys Muay Thai, Weightlifting, Boxing, Cosplay and Snowboarding.